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Supplier Recruiting

Yamakoh is currently seeking international suppliers capable of providing materials, machinery, facilities, and other products and services. / Attention! We are seeking new overseas suppliers

Recruitment details

Our areas of business / Manufacturing (designing/processing) and sales to Japanese firms / Corrugated plastic sheets / Corrugated plastic cases / Corrugated cardboard cases

We want you to provide:

Manufacturing materials for the above items

  • Frames

    1. Frames

  • Corners

    2. Corners

  • Handles/grips

    3. Handles/grips

  • Belts

    4. Belts

  • Rivets

    5. Rivets

  • Cushioning materials

    6. Cushioning materials

  • Taping

    7. Taping

  • Card cases

    8. Card cases

  • Metals

    9. Metals

  • Casters

    10. Casters

Machines and equipment for use in manufacturing the above items

  • Heat-based machinery
    Heat-based machinery
  • Ultrasonic welder / riveter
    Ultrasonic welder / riveter
  • Thompson

* Products other than those listed above are welcome.
Please look at our products and contact us in the spirit of co-operative enterprise.

We are looking for the following in our suppliers:

1. Price, quality, ability

  • Reasonable price, consistency with existing facilities, safety and reliability

2. After service

  • Ease of maintenance, with a steady effort towards improvement
  • Proper handling of warranty and claims

3. Delivery

  • On time, stable supplies, handling of emergencies
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We will review the information you offer us
Companies whom we deem acceptable will be contacted by email.

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Purchasing policy

Yamakoh, Co., Ltd., purchasing policy

  • Products offered to Yamakoh will be selected logically based on quality, cost, delivery conditions, etc.
  • The purchasing policy of Yamakoh is based on fairness and equality, with an open and transparent transaction process regardless of national or international dealings.
  • Yamakoh makes every effort to ensure that all purchasing activity is performed with environmental and resource protection in mind as part of our industrial responsibility.
  • Yamakoh performs our purchasing activities based on a strong code of moral conduct and following all applicable laws.

Fair competition opportunities

  • We offer all Interested parties, regardless of national or international status, an opportunity for fair business competition.
  • We will assess the potential supplier and make a decision based on quality and cost of the offered product, as well as delivery agreements, corporate stances and technological strength.
  • We offer all relevant information, terms, etc., to potential suppliers who submit inquiries. All suppliers are equally treated, we do not "play favorites".

Protection of securities

  • Any information and/or technology provided in relation to business dealings will not be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the supplier. Even within the company, disclosure of related information and/or technology will be limited to only related parties who require the information for legitimate business purposes.
  • There will be no inquires made for the sole purpose of collecting such information or technology. Requests for quotes, technical inspections or specifications, etc., from the buyer are limited to only the item being considered for purchase.

Purchasing ethics

  • The buyer will not have a personal relationship with the supplier. In the case that a personal relationship already exists between the buyer and the supplier, a different buying representative will be appointed for the purchase.
  • The buyer will not accept any personal gifts, money or honorariums of any kind from the supplier. The buyer will not request financial support from the supplier.
  • The buyer will not abuse his/her position, extort or request unrelated outside discounts, services, etc., from the supplier.

Flow of purchase

  1. 1Firstly, fill out an inquiry form.
  2. 2Await contact from the buyer.
  3. 3Request an estimate.
    Depending on the situation, a sample offer may be requested.
  4. 4Price, quality, packaging, delivery and transport conditions are compared in-house.
    Favorable terms and retailer are decided for optimal conditions of purchase.
  5. 5A purchase contract is signed.
  6. 6The order is placed.
  7. 7The contract completion is confirmed.
  8. 8Delivery of goods.
  9. 9Receiving of goods.
  10. 10Inspection and approval of goods.
  11. 11Payment.

* Note

  • All transactions are to be performed in either Japanese or English
  • All payments to be made in Japanese yen only.
Contact Us

We will review the information you provide us
and reply to your company by mail.

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Now recruiting suppliers and business partners

Yamakoh is currently seeking international suppliers capable of providing materials, machinery, facilities, and other products and services.

Looking for a distribution material supplier or production facilities in Japan?

Yamakoh can provide support for international firms seeking to enter the Japanese market.