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Yoshihiro Yamazaki, President and CEO

Yoshihiro Yamazaki, President and CEO

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Paper-based packaging has enjoyed a a 100 year history, permeating every corner of society.
The corrugated plastic packaging industry has, in comparison, only been active for 40 years.
Corrugated plastic has been used primarily in such industries as automotive manufacturing and light electronics for returnable containers and as a substitute for veneer packaging, or in heavy construction for such uses as particle board, etc.
While it is perhaps not quite safe to say that corrugated plastic has permeated every corner of Japanese society, it has recently been gaining more and more attention in the realms of agriculture, manufacturing and service (to name a few) due to its cost-effective and environmental friendly properties.
Corrugated plastic has become a staple at home centers and DIY stores across the country.

Our company is a specialist in corrugated plastic packaging and products, a company that brings both the manufacturing and sales of this product easily and directly to you, the customer.
I would like to take a moment to especially outline the following core strengths of our company.

Our Equipment

We enjoy a reputation as the #1 provider of corrugated plastic products in all of Japan.

No matter what the order, we will provide the equipment and the all necessary assistance in an easy one-stop fashion.

We have 6 CAD/CAM machines standing by for super-fast delivery.

On top of corrugated plastic manufacturing, we also provide exceptional assistance with foam, pallets, casters, and other related products.

Our People

We are a 60 person strong company, including a 14-person sales staff and 3-person planning staff, pursuing the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

In our 39-year history, our achievements and respected name have been our greatest pride.

As a corrugated plastics specialist, we possess a wealth of manufacturing data and experience.

In Japan, we are pioneers in the online sales and distribution of corrugated plastics.

Regarding the future of corrugated plastic packaging,
Compared to cardboard, it of course cannot be argued that plastic-based packaging offers vastly superior strength and endurance quality.
However, while corrugated cardboard manufacturing has adopted some labor-saving mechanization features, it is a fact that corrugated plastic relies on an unchanging analog production process.
As a result, the current market price of corrugated plastic packaging is five to ten times that of traditional paper-based packaging products
Regardless of the current market value of corrugated plastic however, it can still be said that price is the prime reason why the popularity of corrugated plastic has not spread faster.
And, barring any softening in the polypropylene market, or drastic developments in automated production machinery, the current market price is not likely to drop.

This is no cause for pessimism, however.
Even if the market price were to reach ten times that of paper-based packaging, a far reaching projection would show that corrugated plastic packaging is still fiscally advantageous.

In our experience, we have seen that:

1. The minimum life span of a corrugated plastic container is one year.

2. As a returnable product, it can be re-used tens of times over.

3. It is light, and sanitary. And, it can be cleaned.

4. Its not something to be used and thrown away (i.e.; it is not a disposable item), therefore, it is a zero emission environmentally friendly product.

5. An industry that adopts this product is, indeed, a superior industry. Corrugated plastic is the new status quo.

Corrugated plastic is a wonderful thing!

For whatever your needs, please consider abandoning disposable cardboard or bulky, cumbersome wooden crate packaging and give corrugated plastic packaging a try. Thank you for taking the time to visit our home page.

President and CEOYoshihiro Yamazaki

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